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The Lost Tape “BeatTape” – Free Download

“The Lost Tape” Instrumentals Download my instrumental album “The Lost Tape” (valued at $150) FREE when you sign up to my mailing list. Also receive exclusive beats releases, latest  news, industry tips, + many more! Don’t forget  to check your […]


Promoting/Marketing Your Music Online : Do’s and Don’ts

Today artists are handling more aspects of their career than ever before. They run the finance department, the production department, booking their own shows, etc. It’s not always easy trying to do all this by yourself. But until you get […]


10 Laws To Become A successful Independent Artist

by MICHAEL TRAMPE Law 1: Do Your Research Eric Beasley: Co-Owner of The world’s largest MC Battle League, SMACK/ URL and one of the largest Hip Hop YouTube channels online Beasley has also worked as an artist and producer manager in addition […]


Kendrick Lamar Talks “good kid, m.A.A.d city” Being Called A Classic, Follow Up Album


Kendrick Lamar speaks on what to expect from the follow-up to "good kid, m.A.A.d city".

Expectations are high for Kendrick Lamar's follow-up to good kid, m.A.A.d city. The rapper's 2012 effort (which you can't call his debut album or his sophomore album without pissing someone off) was greeted with almost unanimous praise within days of its release, which makes the pressure pretty high for the next album, but according K.Dot, he's not feeling all that much.

"That felt crazy," said Kendrick, of his album being called a 'classic' out the gate. "I don't take that word lightly. I know the excitement. They really appreciated. I respect it 100 percent because I put a lot of work into it.

The rapper later commented that he's not looking back at his past successes when recording the new album. "I really can't focus on the past and what was said then.," he said. "You're only as good as your last piece of work, so now it's about what's right now and me putting that same 110 percent that I did with the last one." 

GKMC had a very tight structure, but according to Lamar, he won't know what the theme of his next album will be until he's finished recording. "I couldn't tell you that" he shared. "I'll know exactly what it is once I'm done with the music." 


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A Good Laugh

A good laugh LOL

Kendrick Lamar Says Dr. Dre Is Working On His Album, Responds to Troy Ave’s “Weirdo” Comment


Kendrick Lamar speaks on his upcoming album, Dr. Dre's contributions, and Troy Ave's designation of K.Dot as a "weirdo rapper".

While he didn't actually release an album last year, Kendrick Lamarmanaged to put the rap game in a stir. "Control" kept the rapper in the conversation throughout 2013, but in the new year, the rapper has been a little more low-key. One would assume that this is because K.Dot is getting ready to drop his highly anticipated follow-up to good kid, m.A.A.d city.

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